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I have seen this behavior a few times in Finches.. and I wonder if they are getting liquid from the plants. One time they were simply crimping each blade of grass, I have photos of this somewhere.. . Maybe it's a stomach aid similar to why cats and dogs eat grass too.. hmmm.. things to ponder.
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For a number of weeks now, a (mated?) pair of Goldfinches has been frequenting the sunflower feeder hanging in my small apple tree. Today the male perched on a branch near the female on the feeder. >From my kitchen window 20' away I watched as he reached out to pull off a small bit leaf tip, "chew," then swallow; snip, chew, swallow; snip, chew, swallow. Lasted about 20 seconds until they both bolted for the maple across the yard.

In my short research, including John K. Terres who provides much diet info per species, I found no mention of Am. Goldfinch eating leafy things - plenty of seeds and some berries, and even an insect or two, but not leafy things. How long-ong, has this been goin' on? Are more autopsies necessary?


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