[Tweeters] info on White-winged Dove report from Renton [King Co]

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Quick correction - that playground is east of the cul-de-sac, not west -- oops!

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>Hi Tweets -

>Sunday and Monday this week [May 17 & 18] a White-winged Dove has come to a feeder in Renton WA - The homeowners have seen and photographed the bird, but it has been very sporadic in its visits and I know some folks waited most of yesterday for the bird w/o seeing it.


>If interested in chasing, here are the details:


>Request from homeowners - the feeders can be viewed from the cul de sac, so no need to enter the yard. Homeowners work late, so please don't disturb them early in the morning.


>There is also a playground just west of the cul-de-sac that is a little raised and might offer an easier place to hang out [the park visible on maps to the east of the house looks nice but is downhill and not great for views].


>Address: 459 Edmonds Court NE, Renton

>Feeders on south side of house


>The bird seems to have mostly appeared to feed in the morning, along with a flock of Band-tailed Pigeons.


>There have been 10 previous records in the state, and only one has stayed for more than one day, so the likelihood of this bird hanging out may be pretty low -- but you never know .


>Good birding!


>Matt Bartels

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