[Tweeters] Observing, Hummingbird, Renton

Nancy sday13 at comcast.net
Sun May 17 13:00:11 PDT 2015

Many of you know I'm disabled and spend most all day of every day watching my birds (covered front porch/deck). This year I have two little 3 ounce feeders along with a quart feeder with perches - and a red geranium that I can observe from my recliner. I have both Anna's and Rufous that are regular visitors. I also have become the place to spend the day for some small fuzzy bees. Bees are endangered so I don't mind feeding them. I get a kick out of the Hummer's behavior with the bees.

The little feeders hang about a foot apart, the Anna's are the most aggressive but don't usually chase, they use the wind from their wings to shoo the bees away. After a deep drink it'll back away and I see it's tongue waving. The bee immediately goes to the drip left by the hummingbird. It's a dance of cooperation between them. (The Anna's will chase at the Goldfinch).

The Rufous will hover between the little feeders and if there's still a bee in the way it'll go feed (sitting) at the big feeder. Sometimes the hovering is quite frantic, maybe that's why he sits to eat.

Between them all they drink about 2 1/2 ounces per day from each feeder. They prefer the little feeders 10:1. They all like the solution better than the plant but all stop by it, a little.

Nancy, Renton
sday13 @ comcast.net

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