[Tweeters] Vireo, Vireas, Vireat...

Jason Hernandez jason.hernandez74 at yahoo.com
Sat May 16 21:35:31 PDT 2015

Every year, I look forward with anticipation to the FOY Hutton's Vireo. This year, like last, they were a pair, not just one... and a real treat, one was carrying nest material. This time it was at the Gold Creek Trailhead in Green Mountain State Forest; and last year was also in the Green Mountain, but on the opposite side, in what I call the western panhandle. Hutton's Vireo is one of my favorites, along with Ruby-crowned Kinglet, Pacific-slope Flycatcher (are you seeing a pattern here?)...
Vireo, Vireas, Vireat, Vireamus, Vireatus, Vireant!
Jason Hernandez
jason.hernandez74 at yahoo.com

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