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Becky Galloway beckyg.sea at gmail.com
Wed May 13 14:31:06 PDT 2015


Marcia and I walked the boardwalk at Nisqually on a beautiful overcast
Mother's Day. Highlight was 9 White Pelicans coming in to catch the
thermals over the ridge and slowly circle up out of sight, gaining altitude
for the arduous trip across the Cascades.

A dozen Double-Crested Cormorants swam through the blue-gray sky.

Also enjoyed a lone Cackling Goose nibbling amongst the Canadas (the Canada
goslings were almost as big as the Cackler) near the ponds before the

Had a Pied Billed Grebe swimming with the Mallards, Gadwall and Shovelers
in the ponds, a female Yellow-Headed Blackbird hopping around, a pair of
Cinnamon Teal burnished by the sun, a pair of gorgeous Blue-Wing Teal, and
Green-wing Teal as well. A Common Merganser was being closely shadowed in
the river by a hopeful Ring-Billed Gull, their dance punctuated by the
head-first splashes of a couple of noisy Caspian Terns. Two Kingfishers
were also trying their luck.

On the Twin Barns loop trail (river-side) two different hummingbird nests
were visible via scope or camera on tripods thanks to generous-minded bird
friends; one had 2 young bills poking out. Two tiny, graceful female Hooded
Mergansers were also spotted gliding through downy water thanks to the
cottonwood drift.

Saw all 6 swallow species: Bank, Cliff, Barn, Tree, Violet-Green, Northern
Rough Wing and even a couple Purple Martins -- one of the naturalist
volunteers helped ID them and said he had helped mount gourds near Tacoma
earlier this year.

Lovely day brought back lovely memories of birding with Mum.

Becky Galloway
Seattle, WA
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