[Tweeters] The Remains of the Day

Jeff Gibson gibsondesign at msn.com
Wed May 13 10:24:32 PDT 2015

Back in Port Townsend on Monday 5/11 (after a Sea-Tac run, and time in Everett) I blooped into town at the Marine Science Center pier, for a little nature moment.

Many of the same players were present as on 5/8, when my visiting sister Margie and I visited the place. Loud Martins, at the nest boxes, thousands of that slinky silvery fish the Sandlance swarming about (though fewer thousands). And plenty of plankton.
There was one River Otter snoozing on the float, but everything was pretty quiet in the Otter Department compared to 5/8 with the Otters hauling a big Halibut carcass around underwater. On Monday though, I did discover the remains of that exciting day - the big Halibut was laying on the sandy bottom outside the pier. It had been reduced to nothing much more than a spine with head and tail attached. Everything else eaten.
One thing you probably wouldn't hear at an Otters next doctors appointment is " I think you might need more calcium in your diet". As I have observed over the past year of watching Otters chewing up fish at close range, they just chew the fish up and swallow - leaving nothing but a fish head behind. Otter poop often has a strange texture- hundreds of fish bones, or lots of crab shells, which they just crunch up and swallow too. Being an Otter dietician would be and interesting job.
Yesterday, down at the dock again, the Halibut carcass was missing - due to Otters or the tide - who knows. I had great looks at several Pigeon Guillemots off the end of the pier (which has Guillemot nesting boxes up under it), the Martin's again, and also a big bright Common Loon.
Jeff Gibsonreporting from Port Townsend Wa

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