[Tweeters] Speaking of crow meals

Joan Miller jemskink at gmail.com
Tue May 12 12:03:52 PDT 2015

I've been noting crows using my birdbath to moisten their food, or wash it,
or whatever they do, for a few years. Lately I've been finding remnants of
some critters, perhaps birds. Yesterday I went to the birdbath to find an
entire dead mole lying face up! Yuck. But hey, take all my moles! I kept a
watch on it to see if the crow came back and ate it. It did come back a few
times, and this morning I found the mostly empty carcass on the ground and
a chicken bone in the birdbath. I cleaned out the birdbath, no doubt for
another round of yucky dead things!

Joan Miller
West Seattle
jemskink at gmail dot com
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