[Tweeters] Another nice day in the yard + Hairy Woodpecker in Marymoor yesterday

Joshua Glant josh.n.glant at gmail.com
Sun May 10 20:41:11 PDT 2015

Hello Tweets,

Today was another nice day in the yard. Same awesome birds as yesterday, with the grosbeak not showing up until 7 PM tonight, and the crossbills snapping seeds in the same tree. The tanager called and sang momentarily.

Laying horizontally on the hammock and bracing the ground with my feet to keep still, I watched the crossbills rip small bits of pinecone out one by one: the bits would catch the wind and drift down while rotating rapidly, like an insect or maple seed. At this time of year, most males were a unique shade of orange-green; one male was brighter red. The females, of course, were yellow tinged with green as always.

All day, the sapsucker tapped and called territorially, sounding much like a gull crying out at times. The Olive-sided Flycatcher sang every few minutes, staying out of sight but giving me a treat. This evening, I heard him from Ellis Pond; evidently, he gets around in the neighborhood! While listening to him singing, I composed a poem:

Olive-sided Flycatcher

Quick-THREE-beers! Oh, what a sound.
It lifts my soul right off the ground.
The first note brings me to Mt. Rainier,
And when it's over, I'm right back here.

For just a moment, I feel the breeze
Of alpine coolness through fir trees.
And just as soon as as he closes his beak,
I return from atop that lofty peak.

The final note of his short, sweet song
Carries me back to where to where I belong.
Thank you, flycatcher, for showing me
A mountain forest's majesty.


Do you like it? I'm proud!

Later, five Bald Eagles soared overhead, a hawk sailed over, and a Merlin was harassed by crows. I think a Hutton's Vireo sang a few times as well.

Anyways, another great day in/on Mercer Island!

By the way, I just wanted to mention that as I was driving out of Marymoor yesterday morning with the car windows rolled down, I heard a Hairy Woodpecker calling. Just one sharp "Peek!", emanating from one of the poplars along right side of the northwest entrance road. Not sure if that's a notable sighting, but there you go!

Good birding, Joshua Glant

Mercer Island, WA

Josh.n.glant at gmail.com

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