[Tweeters] Broad-winged Hawks continue @ Neah Bay

Joe Sweeney sweeneyfit at mac.com
Sat May 9 20:52:23 PDT 2015

Although my numbers were much lower than the 28 individuals seen by Shaw, Wright, LaBar and the Waggoners last Sunday, I saw this past Thursday, Friday and Saturday (today), probably 2-5 BROAD-WINGED HAWKS each day, along with other migrating raptors. I need to sort through my photos to try to determine exactly how many Broad-wings I saw.

All of my hawk-watching was from Bahokas Peak Road (from the bench 2.3 miles up the gravel road, as well as some viewing from an additional .7 miles up the road).

If I have any decent images, I’ll post them in a day or two.

Thanks to Sunday’s group for reporting their experience to tweeters.

Joe Sweeney
sweeneyfit at mac dot com
NE Seattle




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