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Connie Sidles constancesidles at gmail.com
Thu May 7 17:04:25 PDT 2015

Hey tweets, all quiet on the Montlake Fill today, more or less, until an Osprey fluttered overhead keening and calling for more than 20 minutes as it hovered over the land. What in the world was it thinking? I wish I knew.

On the ponds, no shorebirds - no good habitat for them anymore (see Seattle Times article today). The Green-winged Teals have all left for the Okanogan or river basins north and east. American Wigeons also gone. But in their place are numerous Cinnamon Teals. There were five bright males and one inconspicuous female on Main Pond this morning. In full sun, the males simply glow, like embers in a fire.

Also on Main Pond a lone Yellow-headed Blackbird appeared, while along the lakeshore, two Caspian Terns coursed by, calling to each other and looking for fish.

There has been a hen Ring-necked Pheasant hanging around the parking lot on the west side of the CUH building for several days now. She comes out to get grit, then settles into the shadowy bushes for a while. I am going to quit posting sightings of her on the birders' kiosk, though. A birder friend of mine told me she was approached the other day by a woman wearing waders accompanied by a German wirehaired pointer; the woman asked my friend, "Where is that pheasant I read about on the board?" Hm.

Here is a poem for you today, in honor of the Green-winged Teals who have left and the Cinnamon Teals who have come:

Remember the ones who are gone, yes,
who may return,
or never.
Rejoice for the ones here in now,
for they bring glory to today.

- Connie, Seattle

P.S. If you feel moved to write a letter to the Seattle Times editor in support of asking WSDOT and the UW to restore shorebird habitat, please feel free. The more voices they hear from, the better. We have lost our shorebirds in the city, and WSDOT could bring them back so easily and simply, by removing the bushes around Main (Central) Pond and Shoveler's Pond. A golden opportunity is going to be wasted, and a migration that used to number in the thousands will be no more.

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