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Any fans of Northeast Asia birding might want to check out a few new photos of Northeast Asia birds I've just posted to flickr, in the midst of an extended business trip I'm on. One is of a EURASIAN WRYNECK, a truly strange species with no clear analogs in our part of the world:


Also, on EBird, I've posted two lists from Pusan (Busan) South Korea in last days of April (in Explore Region, type in South Korea), and (better) three lists for Primoriye in Russian Far East's southern mainland (in the Explore Region option, type in "Primorskii Krai"). Despite a busy schedule, per tradition, I manage to get away early mornings/some on weekends. The trip list is just past 100 species and spring migration is in full swing. The birding around Vladivistok was pretty good, but Lake Khanka was a disappointment except for one smoking-hot rarity; Preobrazheniye (five hours east of Vladivostok) was extremely good for birds. Along the way and after nightfall Wednesday eve and we also spotted a small SABLE, sp ("Sobolyov" in Russian, looked to me like the old "pole cat", badger-like head, weasel body) and flushed two owls, one large (Strix or Eur. EAGLE-OWL), and the other clearly a COLLARED SCOPS-OWL, my fourth out this way.

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