[Tweeters] willow flycatcher (# 189) , Ridgefield, Clark Co, WA

Bob rflores_2 at msn.com
Wed May 6 16:15:12 PDT 2015

This morning at Frenchman's Bar Ginger and I had a flycatcher where I had a look at the bill only but it's width at the base made me first consider willow. not seeing any other body part I dismissed it as a unidentified empid. Now just minutes ago while watering my blueberries I hear that old familiar song Fitz-bew from the yard next to mine. This is once again, for me personally, a new early date for Clark Co by two days. In 2010 I had a bird on Ridgefield NWR on the 8th of May.

Just think Ginger we were probably that close! Well maybe.

Bob Flores
Ridgefield, WA

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