[Tweeters] Washtucna Pilleated Woodpecker...

Tom Mansfield birds at t-mansfield.com
Mon May 4 09:06:06 PDT 2015

If you happen to check Bassett Park in Washtucna, please watch/listen for a Pileated Woodpecker. I know - that's pretty crazy, in fact it would be a County First Record for Adams County. But yesterday (Sunday 5/3/15), I had a "Pileated" calling intermittently. Never could find it but it responded to the tape several times without showing itself. Now, there was also someone in a brown Saturn parked in the same general area but he didn't seem to have his windows open and he wasn't friendly so I didn't think he was a birder. But, I may have been "duped" by someone playing the Pileated tape! Aside from some nice returning year birds, there was a Lewis' Woodpecker in the top of one budding tree in the park.

Tom Mansfield in Seattle.

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