[Tweeters] The robin and the gardener

Rob Sandelin nwnature1 at gmail.com
Sun May 3 09:07:40 PDT 2015

Every once and awhile there are these moments when you could swear you
understand what animals are saying. Yesterday I had a conversation with a
robin that went like this.

I was digging up chunks of sod and whacking the undersides to remove excess
soil. Along with the dirt numerous worms and other tasty bits rained down
as well. As I was kneeling on the ground a robin landed on branch not far
from me and made a strange clucking sort of sound.

Me: Huh?
Robin: Hey, are you going to eat those?
Me: Uhhh Nope.
Robin, impatiently: Hey I'm feeding young and would love to pick that stuff
up, but you're just a little bit too close.
Me: Oh. Ok.
I stood up and took three steps back, the Robin flew down scarfed up 4 worms
and one crane fly larvae, looked at me and mumbled "gluck" which I took to
mean: thanks, as it flew off to the nest.

We did this little routine for more than an hour, the robin would perch and
"cluck" I would back up and the robin would grab all the goodies I had
unearthed. We made a good team. A couple of my neighbors came by and watched
our routine and I said it was cool it was how I had trained the Robin. One
looked at me skeptically and said: You didn't train the Robin, the Robin
has trained you.......


Rob Sandelin
Robin food revealer trainee
Naturalist, Writer, mostly retired teacher

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