[Tweeters] A morning at Montlake Fill

Louis Kreemer lpkreemer at gmail.com
Sat May 2 11:43:24 PDT 2015

Hey Tweets,
today I spent a pleasant morning at Montlake Fill. I had three Least Sandpipers on Boyscout pond, then a pair of Cinnamon Teals allowed me to get great photos of them on the Carp Pond. After that a Virginia Rail poked its head out from the reeds bordering the Carp Pond, and, after a few minutes of waiting, its two black fuzzy chicks made their way from one reed patch to another. A different rail started its ‘Kidik, Kidik’ call, and boldly stepped out of its shelter. I had no idea what this rail was doing, but I got a few photos and watched the show, as it stalked from grass clump to grass clump, keeping near the water. All the while it was calling. It was very neat to watch. Unfortunately, my nose decided it was a great time to start bleeding, and, seeing as I couldn’t really clean myself up, but still wanted to keep photographing and watching the rail, I just tipped my head up slightly and hoped it would stop. It must have looked pretty funny if somebody had walked by while I was trying to stop the nosebleed, and at the same time taking photos of the rail.
Lastly, as I was leaving, I got to see the female Pheasant that has lately been in evidence. She was on the gravel road that goes off to the right just as you are entering the Fill by way of the Loop Trail. After a little while she headed off into the grass. If anyone would like to see Cinnamon Teal and Virginia Rail photos, email me (I yet again wish I could post a link, but I do not yet have a website).

Happy Spring Birding,

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