[Tweeters] Using soap to clean hummer feeders?

Stan Bezimienny grzebiuszkaziemna at gmail.com
Fri May 1 14:12:08 PDT 2015

Here's my three cents (~13 years of feeding hummingbirds).
1. replace the sugar solution frequently, so no heavy scrubbing nor
detergent is necessary (in my case no less than every second day in warn
weather, and every third day in cold weather, that's assuming sterile
(boiled) sugar solution)
2. this eliminates the need of a brush, unless you see mold growing inside
sugar water or outside, on the feeder - you should not see it, see 1
3. rinse thoroughly the glass jar and (typically plastic) base with very
hot tap water (as hot as it gets), four times, by filling up all the way
and emptying
4. fill the feeder with 70 % isopropanol (aka rubbing alcohol), pour it
back to its original bottle, it can be reused many times
5. rinse again four times with hot water
6. hang to dry, even if traces of isopropanol are left, they will evaporate
7. feeders are cheap, alternating two is the simplest way of doing this,
one in use, another one drying up



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Hi, tweets!

I saw this article the other day:

And it included this: " To clean your feeder, flush it with hot tap water
and use a bottle brush to scrub the sides of the glass jar. Do NOT use
soap; soap will leave a residue behind. (If you just can’t help yourself
and must use soap, a bleach or vinegar and water solution rinse will remove
soap residue.)."

I feel like I've read lots of articles on proper care of hummingbird
feeders, but haven't seen this warning not to use soap.

Have I been doing it wrong all this time by cleaning my feeders with hot
water and soap?

Whitney N-K
Seattle, WA
whitney.n.k at gmail.com
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