[Tweeters] Dream Chasing

Jon Houghton jon.houghton at hartcrowser.com
Tue Mar 31 15:52:36 PDT 2015

Hi Tweets - Inspired a bit by Blair's Dream Chase post (OK, I was going anyway) - I set off about 0930 to seek the Bothell Black-throated Blue Warbler, followed by a (yet another) gull quest on the Tualco Loop. I arrived at the Bothell address a little after 10 and found about 5 folks already staked out in the back yard (Jeff Mills wisely under the eaves, out of the rain). I was there about 2 minutes when the bird showed up, first in some native trees around the yard and then at the feeder, affording all great looks and photo-ops of a really gorgeous little guy! Quinlin Ma arrived as the bird was already out (take a number - no waiting)- what luck for both of us!! (I half expected a Black-throated Green or Magnolia to show up as they often co-occur in New England.) After a few minutes, the bird disappeared back into the vegetation and I decided to try and extend my luck. I headed for the Tualco Loop, smack in the middle, it turns out, of this morning's convergence zone. There were no gulls around the loop road or in the river, so I headed north off the loop on 183rd Ave SE and then east on 176th St SE to where I'd previously searched a flock in vain for the Franklin's. About 30 gulls could be seen through the now heavy rain, several hundred yards across the fields to the east. The Glaucous stood out quite prominently as nearly pure white, and a bit larger than the surrounding crowd. I managed a few fuzzy photos, then Hank and Karen Heiberg showed up and did the same. After an hour of hoping for a break in the rain so I could get out of the car, I quit the area, stopping at the Edmonds hatchery (in bright sun, north of the CV at the time; getting hammered with thunder and blitzen right now!) and found a nice bright Yellow-rumped to make it a 2-warbler day - Not bad I guess for March in Washington and the 2 FITS (first in the state) was an exceptional treat. I'll dry out someday... Happy Birding!

Jon Houghton, Edmonds

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