[Tweeters] Black-throated Blue Warbler in Snohomish County

Matt Bartels mattxyz at earthlink.net
Mon Mar 30 05:34:35 PDT 2015

Hi Tweeters -
We received word recently that there is a male Black-throated Blue Warbler coming to a yard in Snohomish County, just north of Bothell.
The warbler has been around since late December, and the residents have seen it regularly since then [but not every day].

They said visitors are welcome --

Mid-mornings seem to be the best time to visit to see the bird.

Address : 22413 18th Ave. SE ,Bothell WA.

"If people come they are welcome to access the back yard through the gate on the south side of the house and try their luck. There are some chairs and a bench...I would try to be still as he is more easily startled than the chickadees and juncos."

I haven't seen it in person yet myself, but the photos are looking great.

Matt Bartels
Seattle, WA

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