[Tweeters] Snow Geese

Marv Breece marvbreece at q.com
Sun Mar 29 21:54:48 PDT 2015

Today on the Samish Flats along Farm to Market Road, there was a large flock of SNOW GEESE, which contained 4 BLUE GEESE. Also, I observed a small immature goose that appeared lighter than the other immature geese in the flock. I was lucky to get an image before the flock relocated at a distance. The smaller goose appeared to have a smaller bill. Possible Ross's Goose?

At Big Ditch, in Snohomish County, there was also a large flock of SNOW GEESE. I saw 2 BLUE GEESE in this group. Took some in flight shots of one of the BLUE GEESE.

Images are at:

Marv Breece
Tukwila, WA
marvbreece at q.com

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