[Tweeters] Signs of spring--Tacoma and Tiny's Land (n. Lake Stevens) this weekend

Scott scottratkinson at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 29 17:53:06 PDT 2015


Yesterday in north Lake Stevens we had our earliest-ever FOS COM. YELLOWTHROAT, a male, which I photographed. Also of note--a TRUMPETER SWAN and two HOODED MERGANSERS, northbound birds all, we've only had each of these once before in 20 years. Funny how the yard list tends to get help every year at this time, associated with the annual clean-up/raking etc that are needed.

Also yesterday, a Puget Sound WHITE-CROWNED SPARROW had returned, March 28, another earliest-ever FOS here. I noted three different birds along Aurora in north Seattle March 24, last Tuesday, at various points along the commute into Ballard. This also seemed a bit earlier than average for first singers on territories.

Then today, while enjoying Whitman College's 8-5 NWC baseball victory over UPS in Taacoma, I spotted an early CHIPPING SPARROW singing right near the main sports hall there, and a BARN SWALLOW flew by also. In the distance, a W. SCRUB-JAY was audible as well.

After the winter we had, makes sense that this spring is well ahead of schedule apparently. Echo Lake (n.w. Seattle) was very nearly warm enough for a brisk swim Friday, but a few more 65 F plus days seem to be needed.

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Lake Stevens
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