[Tweeters] Could it be that easy?

MT Tomboulian at comcast.net
Thu Mar 26 19:59:06 PDT 2015

I shot over to Ellensburg today in search of the Ross’ and Snow geese, arriving about p.m.—not the best birding time usually

One block south of town on Canyon Rd, a left on Tjossem Rd, and immediate left on Berry Rd, and there’s Tjossem Pond, with the two geese in question, with all their Canadian/cackler friends, right in front of me in the grass on my side of the pond, no more than 125 feet away. Perfect comparison views from the truck. Of course as soon as I pulled up, they started to move back to the water, and by the time the scope and camera were set up, they were halfway across the pond and the heat waves made for fuzzy images.

Also plenty of ring-billed ducks, lesser scaup, a few wigeon, mallard, bufflehead, common goldeneye...and the usual east-siders—California quail, ravens, and magpies. 5 red-tailed hawks harassing a bald eagle. Not a bad 5 minutes....

Mark Tomboulian

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