[Tweeters] Oregon/Washington Cruise Ship Results from Paul Lehman

Shawneen Finnegan shawneenfinnegan at gmail.com
Thu Mar 26 18:43:46 PDT 2015

Paul Lehman asked me to post these for him. Shawneen Finnegan

On 20-21 March, almost 30 birders were on board the Grand Princess cruise-ship nonstop between Los Angeles and Vancouver. On 21 March, some 67-94 km off the Oregon and Washington coasts (from a little north of off Coos Bay OR to off La Push WA), the highlights were as follows:

Laysan Albatross: total of 4
Murphy's Peterel: total of 4 (very good, prolonged views of one bird 82 km off Newport)
Pigeon Guillemot: total of 6 ca. 92 km offshore were farther offshore than typical and probably involved southbound migrants (?)
Sabine's Gull: total of 26 birds, mostly alternate adults, were very early based on current knowledge, but part of a major 2-day total of 190+ birds

Laysan Albatross: total of 8 (bringing excellent one-day total to 12, and two-day total to 21 !!)
Pigeon Guillemot: 3 were also well offshore, some 81 km offshore of Copalis Beach, flying south
Sabine's Gull: total of 85 birds in various flocks, mostly alternate adults, as far north as off Kalaloch--again, very early based on current knowledge....

On 20 March, off the CA coast, we saw one "early" Dark-rumped (Hawaiian) Petrel, 4 Cook's Petrels, 3 Murphy's Petrels, 9 Laysan Albatrosses, and 70 more Sabine's Gulls.

—PAUL LEHMAN, San Diego; lehman.paul at verizon.net <mailto:lehman.paul at verizon.net>

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