[Tweeters] Where are the Anna's and stolen scope

Rick Tyler rhtyler at gmail.com
Tue Mar 24 16:46:25 PDT 2015

For the last couple of weeks I have had steady feeder visits by two
rufous hummingbirds, but the Anna's that are here all year round have
disappeared. Is there some reason my Anna's have abandoned me?

Also, last Saturday morning I was parked at the Quillomene parking lot
on Old Vantage Hwy and someone broke into my car and stole my scope
and tripod. I even saw the thief, but did not know until it was too
late that he was carrying my stuff. If you see an Alpen 80mm spotting
scope with an angled eyepiece (model 788), Manfrotto head and Slik
tripod legs for sale anywhere sketchy, please let me know. (At least I
bought a "starter" scope first before spending my children's college
tuition on a German scope. It hurts about $2,500 less.) Since I am
still a newbie birder, I did get four life birds on the trip, so
that's good. Would I have traded my scope for four life birds?
Probably not. :)

Fun birding...

Rick Tyler

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