[Tweeters] Golden Crowned Kinglets / Caryn / Wedgwood

Caryn Schutzler bluedarner1 at seanet.com
Tue Mar 24 14:52:43 PDT 2015

Hi Tweeters -

Just had a nice treat a bit ago - a pair of Golden Crowned Kinglets dining in our hemlock (where the bushtits have nested). At first I thought they were the Siskins, but luckily I studied them a bit and even got a few photos (not good ones, just proof I saw them). I'm keeping an eye out for possible nesting behavior.

Also have been seeing a pair of Bewick's Wrens collecting some of the dog hair I put out as well as Siskins doing some hair collecting too. Haven't
seen where they have been taking it yet. Hoping too to see the Juncos and Towhees seeking nesting spots. How greedy am I??!!

Happy Spring!

Caryn / Wedgwood

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