[Tweeters] Picture of Anna's on front page of Seattle Times

Christine Southwick clsouth at u.washington.edu
Tue Mar 24 10:45:28 PDT 2015

FYI: Seattle Times has a glorious colored picture of a forward-flying male Anna's Hummingbird on the FRONT PAGE! Awareness of birding interest is changing!!--five years ago there would never have been a picture of a local bird on the front page, unless it caused some sort of accident.

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> Hi Tweeters -


> Checked the new Anna's nest and she now appears to be sitting at length in her new nest and eggs. I only wish I had a better viewing spot. I can get it clearly in the scope but not as comfortable as last year from inside. I think I'm going to construct (have hubby construct ;-)) a blind of sorts. This will keep our viewing her more obscure so she can come and feed and "fluff" since our view spot and feeding area are both on the deck. It is great to see her also enjoying the many plants (native and otherwise) coming into bloom after winters fading blossoms. She really does have a grocery store right outside her door - as well as a Home Depot!! Now, if we could entice her to build a little closer / lower - (like our bushtits one year, building in the smoke tree, conveniently using the "smoke" for the nest in the same tree! No need to leave home!). It's so wonderful to see the places they choose to build - I've seen photos (in Western Nests and other books) of them building !

on a clothesline and clothespin or in the link of a chain...they must have had some great realtors or general contractors! As they say in real estate - Location, Location, Location!! After all, we've had our nest here since 1981 so guess it's not a bad spot.


> I do know our necks would be a lot happier if they could "move" closer (lower!). But really, just having them here is truly amazing. As well as all the other birds that pass through and decide to stay awhile.


> Caryn / Wedgwood


> Wonder if nesting location is at all influenced by where nest of origin is located. Any thoughts? ;-)_______________________________________________

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