[Tweeters] Ross's Goose and Snow Goose, Kittitas County

Marv Breece marvbreece at q.com
Sun Mar 22 20:57:59 PDT 2015

The Snow Goose and the Ross's Goose were in the same location off of Woodhouse Loop this afternoon (Sunday). At times they drop into a slough, completely out of sight, so be patient, should you go.

Yesterday there was a Gyrfalcon in Douglas County on Heritage (I) Rd just south of Hwy 172, east of Mansfield. It was perched on the ground and shortly took flight, remaining barely above ground until it was out of sight. A few minutes later, in the same area, I spotted a high flying flock of 15 Canada Geese; the big ones. In my bino field of view, the geese were flying to the left, in single file, equally spaced and flapping in unison. From my right came a large falcon, attacking these very large birds. The geese compressed, flapped furiously, their calm mode of flight disrupted. The falcon split the flock and worked one half of it. But no kill was made and the falcon went on its way. What a show!

Marv Breece
Tukwila, WA
marvbreece at q.com

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Yes, you read that right. Just got a call from Marv Breece, and he asked me to get the word out to Tweeters, because he knows there will be folks who will want to try to see these birds this weekend. Here's where they are, as of 2 PM on Saturday, 3/21

Just outside of Ellensburg - 1475 Woodhouse Loop is the nearest address. They are in a field between Woodhouse Loop and Interstate 82, with a small flock of Canada and Cackling Geese.

GPS coordinates:
N 46 degrees 56.922
W 120 degrees 31.070

Good luck!

Mark Ahlness
mahlness at gmail.com
Seattle, WA
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