[Tweeters] Snow Goose & Ross' Goose in Ellensburg

Phil Mattocks pmattocks at kvalley.com
Sat Mar 21 17:52:00 PDT 2015

Hi folks,

Between 4:30-5:00 PM today the two white geese were at Sorenson Pond in Ellensburg, WA. The location is along Berry Road about a half mile north of Woodhouse Loop. Berry Road is an east turn off Canyon Road just south of the Conoco Station at exit 106 from I-90; or turn north off Woodhouse Loop about a half mile east of Canyon Road. The large pond is to the east of Berry Road and there is large pulloff available.

There were five sleeping swans, many Canadas (spp), scaup and Ring-necks also present. I had only 10x binos, a scope is necessary to see bill features. There was a distinct size differential between the two geese, with the larger being Snow Goose-sized beside the Canadas, and the smaller one, well, significantly smaller. I'll be back in the AM with a scope.

Phil Mattocks

pmattocks at kvalley.com

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