[Tweeters] Thanks Birdweb!

Jeff Gibson gibsondesign at msn.com
Sat Mar 21 17:10:52 PDT 2015

I am a man thin of stature, and of wallet. When I go to the bank the tellers are surprised to see me make a deposit over three figures " Yo, dude, you fat today!" they tell me.( Sorry, I've been watching too much online Tee Vee lately, full of street rap language, or whatever).
It is true though, that I can't afford to buy a lot of books. I depend largely on one of the greatest inventions of civil society - the Public Library system . But now we got that internet thing going on, and one of the fine resources on that deal is Seattle Audubon's Birdweb.org.
Seems like there's always new folks on Tweeters, and maybe they don't know about Birdweb. Got a bird question about this part of the world? Check out Birdweb! I just did today myself. I reference it on a regular basis. You can find out great up-to-date info on birds in the state of Washington there - I find it to be a remarkably concise source of bird info, very well written. They also got good range maps, and even recordings of what your birdy of interest sounds like.
Jeff Gibsonjust sayin'

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