[Tweeters] On The Weather's Edge

Jeff Gibson gibsondesign at msn.com
Fri Mar 20 21:41:44 PDT 2015

Oh sure, I know Tweeters is not the Weather Channel, but weather is nature, and weather was a big part of my nature experience of today. Like they say,"Birds of a feather, can't live without weather!". I can't remember who said that.
Anyhoo, my day started early - one o'clock AM - here in Port Townsend. Kind of a worry wart, I've developed the inconvenient habit of worrying in the middle of the night. So I got up at 1 am to walk off my problems.
Here at my folks place, it's mostly a nicely dark neighborhood - fairly free of "light pollution". Although Port Townsend can be breezy (check out the wind sculpted firs at Point Wilson), it seems like its been a bit calmer this year, in the little California Winter we seem to be having. At 1 am this morning, it was dead calm.
And quiet. Really really quiet. Lately there's been a big treefrog chorus going on up the hill a ways. On another worry wart night, I walked up the hill trying to get closer to that frog chorus - one of my favorite sounds - but in that funny froggy way, the sound seemed to recede, and recede, the closer I got to the source. Still, I heard enough to feel better.
No froggy's this morning though - like I said, really quiet. Walking down the very dark street - no moon or star light to guide me - I just about walked right into a deer. First all I could hear was it breathing, then it's hooves on the pavement - a tiny bit of ambient light from town was all I had to make a deer ID. Mammals passing in the dark.
That was pretty cool. I walked down the hill to Kah Tai Lagoon, and back. Still calm and cool, when, just about a block from home base, I stepped into warm air. It was just like stepping from a cool room into a warm room. The weathers edge.
A " Pineapple Express" ? I guess - I'm no meteorologist , and I didn't see any flying fruit here in the "Banana Belt", but it's been warm and windy all day - still is now.
Jeff Gibsonsleepless inPort Townsend Wa

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