[Tweeters] Spring Is In the Air in Kittitas County

Blair Bernson blair at washingtonadvisorygroup.com
Thu Mar 19 12:26:46 PDT 2015

Jon Houghton and I joined Deb Essman for some
birding in Kittitas County yesterday. A beautiful
warm day with less than normal wind and good
birding. Highlights included Sagebrush and Vesper
Sparrows, Say's Phoebes, Bluebirds and Sage
Thrashers at the Corrals in the Quilomene, Rock
Wrens and Chukars on Recreation Road, a Prairie
Falcon and Sharp Shinned Hawk on Old Vantage Road,
Evening Grosbeaks and Pygmy Nuthatches in South
Cle Elum. Noteable misses were Cassin's Finches,
Brewer's Sparrows and Loggerhead Shrikes (we had
two Northerns).

So, very nice birds, but the real highlight was
finding mating/nesting/territorial behavior in
almost all species we found. We enjoyed watching
displaying Red Tails and Harriers, mating Say's
Phoebes, Ravens with nesting material, a Pygmy
Nuthatch at the Cle Elum Depot building its cavity
nest and most birds singing loudly and or chasing
off competitors in territory. Spring is
definitely in the air!!

Blair Bernson

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