[Tweeters] red-necked grebes off West Seattle

Mary Metz maryjmetz at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 18 20:14:39 PDT 2015

I haven't seen any posts about this but maybe it's not unusual--or maybe I'm wrong about my tentative ID. I saw a couple of birds in Puget Sound off West Seattle (between Salty's and the West Seattle Water Taxi dock, more or less) that seemed like they were red-necked grebes. They had red necks, dark backs, possibly white undersides, thick bills, whitish faces, and what seemed like bad black toupees on their heads. When they dove they stayed down for a minute or more. But they were a ways out and my binoculars (Nikon 8x42) are only so good so I couldn't *really* see their faces. Has someone else who knows their birds better seen red-necked grebes in this area lately--or are they just not that unusual here? And if they weren't red-necked grebes, what were they?


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