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Thanks to Jane, Connie, Dennis, and others for fill updates, it's good to hear about whats going on. I attempted to find a timeline on the proposed WSDOT "mitigation" plan's "installation date", and didn't really find a clear answer in all the bureaucrat -speak, but it did seem like all the road contraction won't be done till 2017, so maybe we have more time to sway the powers- that -be , to implement SAS ideas?
Jeff Gibson

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Subject: [Tweeters] Fill Update?

Dear Tweeters,
I am kind of wondering if anyone who attended the recent WOS meeting re: mitigation issues at the fill would be willing to share a brief synopsis, or share any perspectives from that meeting with those of us unable to attend the event.
Born and raised (partially uplifted) in Seattle, the Montlake Fill has always been a natural touchstone for me over the years even though I don't get there too often, having been mostly an out-of-towner for several decades. I'm mostly curious as to whether or not the recommendations for shorebird habitat as presented by Seattle Audubon, et al, have been accepted or not, and if not, what further actions could be made by concerned citizens.
"Mitigation": you know when your local natural area has been relegated to lawyer-speak, it's not always a good sign. Hopefully, intelligence will prevail.
Jeff Gibsonconcerned animal

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