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I have seen Soft-shelled Turtles from 4" to 18"
across in the north end of Union Bay. This
invasive species (sometimes raised as a food
source for humans) is reputed to be a successful
competitor to existing species, so I assume it is
breeding there. I've seen them in Juanita Bay Park as well.

Western Painted Turtles are so ubiquitous that I
must believe they, too, are breeding.

At Juanita Bay Park, I have seen and photographed
Red-eared Sliders laying their eggs in holes they
dug on the slope west of the restrooms.

At 12:14 AM 3/11/2015, Rob Conway wrote:

>Red Eared Slides are definitely breeding and

>successfully hatching at Lake Sammamish. In

>August 2008 I ran across a hatching event near

>the Rowing Club with at least 20 tiny turtles

>pushing out of the nest and scrambling to the

>pond near the rowing club. One can see many

>sizes and ages of Red Ears and other turtles at that location.




>Rob Conway

>Camas, WA

>45.58°N 122.44°W - elevation 310 ft.

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>A while back on Tweeters,must have been January

>when there were first of the year reports of

>seeing turtles on logs basking in the winter

>sun, there were questions and speculations in

>whether there was any successful reproduction of

>the turtles in western Washington.

>I have posted some photos on my Facebook



>that suggest that there is very likely some red

>eared slider reproduction in Green Lake. One

>image shows turtles sunning on logs and a

>distribution of sizes and presumably of ages of

>individuals, from the larger to smaller.

>Second picture is of an individual on the shore

>in the grass, presumably seeking a location to

>lay eggs. I have seen other turtles this spring

>on the shore at the same location, one was

>struggling to clamber through the cattails in front of the grassy slope.




>Garet Munger


>Green Lake



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