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Tue Mar 10 07:39:49 PDT 2015

Hey tweets, birds seem to be on the move as spring arrives, rolling out a pink carpet of plum and cherry blossoms (check out the old cherry trees on UW campus for a sight you'll never forget).

A COMMON RAVEN soared through the Fill yesterday, calling as it sailed by. We forget how large these birds really are - at least I do, because they are very rare here. As it passed a tiny Merlin rocketed by in the opposite direction, making me think about species diversity in the avian family. So many niches occupied by such an array of birds, all beautiful in their own way. Okay, even crows.

The swallows (Tree and Violet-green) are returning in numbers, though most seem to be passing through on their way farther north. A male Ruddy Duck has been fishing Main Pond for a week now, slowly turning into his spectacular breeding plumage. It's been fun to watch the process. You might be interested to know that this one at least starts with his masculine chest. So far no females have turned up to admire him.

The female Wilson's Warbler who has been around all winter showed herself again yesterday, foraging in the usual general area around Sidles Swamp (apologies for the name - it's not my fault). LOTS of singing by all the males of every species - I especially enjoy hearing the rollicking trills of the Ruby-crowned Kinglets and the equally beautiful, slower fluting of Golden-crowned Sparrows. Also for the first time this spring, I heard a couple of White-crowned Sparrows singing - White-crowneds have grown scarce at the Fill in the past two years. I have no idea why. Are you experiencing the same in your neck of the woods?

In honor of the raven's appearance, here is a poem for you today by Bruce Springsteen:

Tonight I can feel the cold wind at my back.
I'm flyin' high over gray fields, my feathers long and black.
Down along the river's silent edge I soar,
Searching for my beautiful reward,
Searching for my beautiful reward.

May we all find our beautiful reward in the natural world that nurtures us along with every other wild thing, and may we do all we can to sustain nature, wild and free. - Connie, Seattle

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