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garetpeter at comcast.net garetpeter at comcast.net
Sun Mar 8 12:27:06 PDT 2015

A while back on Tweeters,must have been January when there were first of the year reports of seeing turtles on logs basking in the winter sun, there were questions and speculations in whether there was any successful reproduction of the turtles in western Washington.
I have posted some photos on my Facebook page   https://www.facebook.com/garet.munger   that suggest that there is very likely some red eared slider reproduction in Green Lake. One image shows turtles sunning on logs and a distribution of sizes and presumably of ages of individuals, from the larger to smaller.  
Second picture is of an individual on the shore in the grass, presumably seeking a location to lay eggs. I have seen other turtles this spring on the shore at the same location, one was struggling to clamber through the cattails in front of the grassy slope.


Garet Munger

Green Lake

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