[Tweeters] Issaquah Brambling

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Sat Mar 7 16:45:56 PST 2015

Hi Tweets:

Several of us birders saw the Issaquah Brambling this Saturday morning at
about 10:40 AM. It came in to feed on what appeared to be bread and
perhaps seed that the homeowner had spread on the deck railing. Lots of other
bird species in the area including Varied Thrush, Red-breasted Nuthatch, Pine
Siskin, Bushtit, Black-capped and Chestnut-backed Chickadee, Purple Finch,
Steller's Jay and the ever present junco.

While rambling through Snoqualmie Valley before driving to Issaquah, we
found a Northern Shrike along 100th, just past the red barn, and a single Tree
Swallow on the wire over Sikes Lake. A Red-breasted Sapsucker was
drumming on a utility pole next to the Chinook Bend parking lot.

Joyce Meyer
Mike West
Redmond, WA
_meyer2j at aol.com_ (mailto:meyer2j at aol.com)

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