[Tweeters] My Formative Years

Jeff Gibson gibsondesign at msn.com
Thu Mar 5 20:10:01 PST 2015

I've long been a bit amused by that notion of "your formative years", which, in typical usage, seems to imply that there is a certain window (seemingly narrow) in which the rest of your life has now successfuly been implanted, and you just do your remaining time - kind of like a prison term. Really?
Well, while carrying plenty of past-time personal baggage, I still find myself being impressed, or formed if you will, by life, by nature. It just happened again a few minutes ago, and I've been around almost 60 years.
It's been an unusual night here; my elderly children ( aka parents) both went to bed early, leaving me alone in the dark. And that was a good thing, because I got to see a moonrise a bit brighter than any I remember.
We live in such an atmospheric place here in wet side Washington. Depending on the cloud conditions, the mountains appear to shrink, or grow. They move closer, or further away, or so it seems - just tricks performed by Mother Nature's lighting department - clouds change perspective of the scene.
Clouds can also focus the light of the Sun and Moon in various tricksy ways, and tonights moonrise sure was visual proof of that. The moon came up sort of orangish, through the low clouds, and something in the atmosphere brightened the light effect of the moon's reflection on the waters of Port Townsend - it seemed bright as a sunrise almost. It was really remarkable.
Hey, maybe I'm just getting contact dementia from my parents, and I can't remember moonrises real good anymore, but even so, I don't feel my formative years are quite over yet. Hey maybe I'll learn something new tomorrow - like the ID of a funny little plant I found on the Point Wilson dunes today - a new acquaintance.
Jeff Gibsonslow learner, inPort Townsend Wa

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