[Tweeters] Ol' Rusty Returns

Jeff Gibson gibsondesign at msn.com
Wed Mar 4 16:03:33 PST 2015

Eating lunch just now with my dear ol' Dad, here in Port Townsend, I noted my first Rufous Hummingbird of the year- a spectacularly bright rusty male - at the feeder.
My parents both have dementia, and my Mom, the energizer bunny, is almost always supervising every movement in the household, but today was pooped out and napping at lunchtime, thus allowing me and Dad a quality moment alone at the table.
As we both noted the hummer out the window, Dad asked me "Hey Audubon" ( I'm the well-known birdwatcher in the family - I also paint pictures, so sometimes Dad calls me Rembrandt) " what's going on with the Eagle's in the Eagle Tree- haven't seen them around". The' Eagle Tree' is a tall Doug-fir prominent in the view out the kitchen window, and a pair of Eagles have roosted there for years. But Dad was correct - they have been missing lately.
Dad has been missing lately too, largely sleeping the end of his life away. Getting kinda rusty I guess - but sometimes, like today, he comes back, just a bit.
Jeff "Audubon" Gibson inPort Townsend Wa

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