[Tweeters] Seattle-area merlin research project

Benjamin Johnson tiger80 at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 4 08:40:35 PST 2015

Hello All. We
are entering into the third year of our merlin research project. This
project is investigating merlin nest site characteristics, nesting success and
density, site and pair fidelity, and adult and juvenile annual movements.

In 2014 we followed 8
nests in North Seattle and surrounding communities. Five of the 8 nests
successfully fledged young, producing at least 21 young merlins by our count,
with an average of 4.2 fledglings per successful nest. All nests occurred
in Douglas fir trees, near the top of trees against the main trunks.

To track individual
merlin movements and relationships we band some merlins with blue or red color
bands. Each color band has a two character code that identifies the
merlin. Blue bands use two letters, stacked one on top of the other, read
top to bottom. Red bands use two numbers, side-by-side, read left to

We’d like to thank
everyone that contributed banded merlin sightings or merlin observations last
year. It was very helpful for our study and we appreciate all the reports
we received. As we approach another breeding season we again would be
very interested and appreciative of any banded merlin sightings or possible
breeding activity that you may observe. If you are so inclined to share
your observations please contact Ben Vang-Johnson (bvjohnson87 at gmail dot com)
or Kim McCormick (kim.mccormick at comcast dot net).

Thank you,

Ben and Kim

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