[Tweeters] Sharpie at Feeding station.../ Caryn / Wedgwood

Caryn Schutzler bluedarner1 at seanet.com
Tue Mar 3 10:43:28 PST 2015

Hello Tweeters -

Just had a Sharp Shinned juvie in a dogwood and then sat around on our feeders wondering why all the birdies didn't stick around to play. ;-)
Even got a couple of good photos - for me.

Appropriately a follow up to our raptor field trip yesterday. (Thanks to Steven, the leader and Pam, our in car guide, who was most helpful in helping identifying features of the birds for us.)

Had a great time up in Samish Flats yesterday with Steven and group. It was wicked windy!!

Saw a cool white morphed Red Tail and several others. Lots of eagles, young and adult and a few on the nest.
Lots of Snow Geese, right next to the road. One dumb young girl decided to run out into the field to get a photo. I let her know my displeasure of her actions.
Three kestrels (two after we left the group) - one doing a great hovering show.
Lots of Pintails and other ducks, all hunkered down in the wind.

Hoping others will post a more complete list as it was a jam packed trip. Mostly wanting to be in the car to get warm.

Caryn / Wedgwood

Oh, lots of hummers taking fluff - all four directions. Think we have one in a couple firs, but tracking has been difficult. At least they are nesting somewhere closeby and chowing down

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