[Tweeters] White-Throated Sparrow Wylie Slough

Charles Desilets csdesilets at comcast.net
Tue Mar 3 08:00:30 PST 2015

A White-Throated Sparrow was observed Monday 3/2 about 2:30 PM next to the
road adjacent to the newer parking lot at Wylie Slough. It popped up to the
top of a shrub next to an access lane leading to the irrigation gate. Also,
2 Sandhill Cranes were observed wading in the pond to the SW of the
intersection of the new dike with the old (the so-called second pond?). The
birds were observed by at least 4 others. A Lesser Yellowlegs was also
observed along with 6 Greater Yellowlegs in the large pond adjacent to the
parking areas.

Charlie Desilets


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