[Tweeters] ebird policy

vrhoden vrhoden at comcast.net
Sun Mar 1 11:16:07 PST 2015

Earlier this week I submitted a list that I gleaned from a walk on the
waterfront trail in Vancouver along the Columbia River. I stumbled upon an
unusually large group of Barrow's Goldeneyes. They were in a mixed flock
along with Common Goldeneyes and Mergansers.

I entered 30 something for the quantity of Barrow's and the page flagged it
as unusually high. I completely agree that it was high, in fact there were
more of these guys in front of me that I have ever seen collectively in my
life. They were down on the beach in front of the Water Resources Education

I submitted a comment along with a couple of photos. The photos did not
document the total count of the birds but it showed enough to at least let
them know there were several present and that I know the difference between
a Barrow's and a Common.

The submission has not shown up in my list. At this point I am wondering how
questionable entries are handled. Would I receive further communication or
would the entire list be dropped with no further ado if it is deemed
questionable? At this point I am starting to question whether I forgot to
click the final submission button or if it's just be administratively

Not trying to start a was-to-was-not debate, just trying to understand the


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