[Tweeters] JBLM Grasshopper Sparrows (pics)

Rod Gilbert rodgilbert1 at comcast.net
Tue Jun 30 16:11:29 PDT 2015


E Birders will get their rare bird update later this afternoon for a pair of
Grasshopper Sparrows that my colleague Evan Heyduk found yesterday on a
prairie on JBLM. They were still there this morning and are possibly
nesting. Regretfully this area is closed to the public and won't reopen
until the fall.

A group of five us had just exited our vehicles when Evan immediately said
he heard a Grasshopper Sparrow singing. Within seconds the bird was located
and after watching for a few minutes we noticed a second bird join him, a
female. This is at least the second singing male found on JBLM this year
(the other was located within the Artillery Impact Area) and I was told that
according to other biologists who are conducting bird surveys in the same
area, said there may be a total of three males that they had detected on
this prairie (potentially making a total of four males on JBLM this year).




Rod Gilbert

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