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i think this is an issue that needs greater exposure to the public since it
will ultimately affect the public, and since the politicians in charge of
this appear to have already made up their mind, science, ecology, proper
political ethics and the original intent of these green spaces all be

this issue is important to the community-at-large and for that reason
alone, it deserves more attention that it appears to be getting: a good
start is a flock of letters to the editor and even some guest op-eds in the
seattle times and other local newspapers as well as one or more actual
journalistic pieces that have been investigated by the seattle times's
environmental reporters. are there several people who are willing to take
on this issue and to formulate a plan of attack? (if i was in seattle, i'd
certainly become very involved in this, but alas, i live on the opposite
side of the planet now. that said, i am happy to assist if you think it'll

On Sat, Jun 27, 2015 at 8:26 PM, Glenn Nelson <gnbuzz at comcast.net> wrote:

> Many thanks to Connie for her efforts with public spaces many of us hope

> to keep undisturbed.


> I thought people might be interested in the portrayal of a specific

> example of the “active recreation” debate:


> http://forterra.org/editorial/dueling-visions-for-a-green-space



> It’s interesting to note that a pretty down-the-middle compromise was

> reached in this instance.


> Best,

> Glenn Nelson

> Seattle

> gnbuzz at comcast.net


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