[Tweeters] todays birding

Scott scottratkinson at hotmail.com
Sat Jun 27 19:46:17 PDT 2015


Even if I was a sleepyhead and it was hot, we did better than I thought--57 species. And we can't have the traditional "tally" but here's something completely new:


Please open up the link and you'll see four different checklists. I'm eager for any critique/deletion/addition you might have--drew 'em up quick. Times very approx., and my lists are of some heard-onlys, but maybe I missed some of your stuff!

The big news--study reveals that the hummingbird at County Line was a Black-chinned--just the third for the county, I had the first in mid-July many years ago atop Mt. Hardy.

Thank you for our time today Anne--



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