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Connie, thanks for getting the word out! It is indeed an important moment.

If you can't make the meeting, try to get an email out to the folks Connie

Finally, there is one more thing you can do - sign the petition asking the
Parks Board to reject these supplemental use guidelines. We are extremely
happy to have Seattle Audubon listed as an organizational supporter of the


At the end of the petition is a "for more information" link to a page with
several topical pieces, among them a guest post by a pretty fair birder who
many of you know... (look for 2025)

Hope to see lots of you at Seattle Parks HQ tonight - Mark

Mark Ahlness
mahlness at gmail.com

On Thu, Jun 25, 2015 at 1:01 PM, Connie Sidles <constancesidles at gmail.com>

> Hey tweets, it's hot today and traffic in Seattle has become appalling.

> Nevertheless, I am going to ask as many of you as possible to truck on down

> to Seattle Parks and Recreation headquarters early this evening to show and

> voice your opposition to SP&R's proposed changes in use guidelines for

> natural areas and green belts in Seattle.


> The meeting begins at *6:30pm, at Parks’ headquarters, 100 Dexter Ave N,

> Seattle. *Parks staff will make a formal presentation of their proposed ‘Supplemental

> Guidelines’

> <http://www.seattle.gov/Documents/Departments/ParksAndRecreation/BriefingPapers/Park%20Board%20Briefing%20Paper%20Natural%20Area%20%20Greenbelt%20Use%20Guidelines%206-3-2015%20DRAFT.pdf> for

> the Park Board of Commissioners. If passed by the Park Board, these new

> guidelines will bring about a major change of priorities in the way our

> natural areas are maintained and developed. (The board has already voted

> 5-3 in favor of mountain bike trails and much more at Cheasty Greenspace on

> Beacon Hill.)


> For many years, since 1993 in fact, SP&R's goal for these areas has been:

> "to develop a sustainable resource that protects, optimizes, enhances, and

> increases our natural environments. These environents will provide

> oportunities for observing and enjoying urban wildlife, engagine in

> enviornmental education, and participating in restoration activities."


> Now SP&R is proposing to manage these areas in ways that would include

> so-called active recreational use, including mountain bikes and zip lines.

> They are holding this public hearing to find out what Seattle citizens want

> in terms of these areas.


> I believe there will be plenty of people in that room tonight advocating

> for all kinds of active uses of natural areas. Who will be there advocating

> for wildlife within the city? We must be the voice of wildlife who cannot

> speak for themselves, but we should also be our own voice speaking for our

> need for areas of quiet serenity in the city, where we can go to renew our

> connections to nature and to birds.


> If you can't go to the meeting, you can still make your views known by

> sending an email to:


> Park Board Coordinator, Rachel.Acosta at seattle.gov


>> Parks Superintendent, Jesus.Aguirre at seattle.gov


>> Deputy Superintendent, Christopher.Williams at seattle.gov


>> Seattle City Council, Council@*seattle*.gov <Council at seattle.gov>


>> Metropolitan Parks District, seattleparkdistrict at seattle.gov


>> District Five Representative, Jessica.Farmer7 at gmail.com


>> I'll be there speaking for Seattle Audubon's Conservation Committee,

> which is categorically and inalterably opposed to these changes in the use

> guidelines. - Connie, Seattle


> constancsidles at gmail.com

> www.constancypress.com


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