[Tweeters] Bird ID assistance

Adrienne Dorf adrienne at nwveggie.com
Wed Jun 24 15:52:05 PDT 2015

Hey All! I just returned from a bike trip to Eastern Oregon-the La
Grande/Union City area and came across a bird that I just can't quite
identify. The area includes a large valley that is mostly agricultural with
open fields and some ponds. One bird that was flying away from me was very
large mostly white with black tips on the wings. It flew like a heron but
the only bird that seems to fit that description is a whooping crane and I
am somewhat skeptical that I actually saw one. Was it more likely to have
been a white pelican? As it was a distance away from me and flying further
away - and I didn't have binoculars with me-I didn't get the best look at
it. Any thoughts?


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