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Martha Jordan mj.cygnus at gmail.com
Wed Jun 24 13:51:40 PDT 2015

Yes, there is active mute swan control by WDFW and there is a ban on
importing, selling, transferring, breeding and possession of mute swans in
There was an active captive breeding pair for a few years near Sumas. The
folks just released the young to the wild or gave them away. Most, if not
all, of these offspring have been removed. Some were given to people near
Olympia and thus begat the issue with mutes swans there over the past few
years. Most of them are gone.
Last winter season we did find 5 juvenile mutes at the Kent Pond area.
These were observed flying north and located again in Whatcom County about 2
days later. Then they disappeared. These were likely from BC breeding
population. If you observe a mute swan out on the Olympic Peninsula it is
likely a BC bird, especially if it is northern peninsula area.

While you are out birding and observe a mute swan, please note if it is
in the company of our native swans: trumpeter or tundra. Also note if there
are offspring around. We do know for a fact that mute swan and trumpeters
are able to breed and produce offspring. We have concerns about food
resources and migration.
Mute swans in eastern WA are captive releases, and I know of only one in
many, many years and not recently.

Hope this may help clarify the mute swan location and status issue.

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