[Tweeters] American Redstart and introduction

kayliningalls at gmail.com kayliningalls at gmail.com
Wed Jun 24 13:47:50 PDT 2015

Hello everyone!
This is my first post, email, whatever you want to call it, to tweeters. I've been an avid reader but haven't contributed before. I'm a young(ish) border, living (and birding) in the Seattle and Eastside area. I'm sure I've seen some of you in the field, but I haven't been very active in the birding community.....
Anyway, introductions over with, here's the other part of this post. I was lucky enough to see the American Redstart that's been up in the Snoqualmie wildlife area, Stillwater unit. I followed the directions seen here a while ago and sent to me by a friend, over the field, through the long grass (to grandmothers house we go). A little bit cross the bridge/grating we took the right hand path and heard the bird singing in the cottonwoods on the right. I took some recordings, and then played the song once, at which the bird flew in to check us out, where I got some photos (at bottom of post) life bird, and a very cool bird indeed!!! I think it looks like a Halloween bird, with those colors! Pleased at our success, we headed home and tried to get the grass seeds off. ;)

Here's a shot of the Redstart

Hope he sticks around for a while, nice bird!

Kaylin Ingalls
Kirkland, WA
kayliningalls at G mail dot com

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