[Tweeters] Least Flycatcher continues on Miller Road near Stanwood

Wayne Weber contopus at telus.net
Mon Jun 22 11:27:18 PDT 2015


Yesterday evening, between 7:30 and 8:00 PM, I was able to refind the Least
Flycatcher that was reported by Tom Mansfield the previous day. It was in
cottonwoods across the street from, and just north of, 24101 Miller Road. In
my experience, Least Flycatchers, although they often sing non-stop in the
morning, do not sing often in the late afternoon or evening. When I arrived
at the location, I heard a couple of "che-bec"s, but then nothing more for
at least 15 minutes. So I trotted out my old cassette player with bird-song
tapes (which still works fine!) and let loose a few short bursts of
"che-bec"s. The bird responded by singing for a couple of minutes. After my
third burst of "che-bec"s, it flew across the open pasture to the road,
landed in a small tree close to the road, and gave me brief but very good

So it is still there, and will perhaps stay for a few more days. Thanks,

Good luck and good birding,

Wayne C. Weber

Delta, BC

contopus at telus.net

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